Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 1

Dia duit!

We had a rough first start here in Ireland :) But even now, we're laughing about it. This video was taken right after we boarded our bus to Dublin City Centre.

After we got our euros and boarded our bus, we had to find our hostel. Listening to those thick Irish accents is fun and all, but understanding them is a whole different story. When we thought the bus driver said "Smithfield", we got off. Little did we know that was the wrong stop and it would be about 5 miles before we reached our destination (how many kilometers is that?) ;) However, as rough as that may have been, we are loving every second of this new city. I have learned that I must have a pretty funny american accent because any native that I talk to stares at me blankly until Chris repeats what I said. Silly Irish!

Here's a quick preview of our hostel. Sorry for the shakey camera job :)

We'll get another video of our hostel room at a time when there are none of our "roomies" sleeping. There is one guy which we swear, has not left the hostel room. He has been sleeping for about 24 hours straight as far as we know. The hostel room has 4 twin bunk beds. I have learned that I am pretty high maintenance.. try curling your hair from the top bunk with a european converter and no mirror!

After we took a little nap, we walked around the city for a few hours. Here's a quick video of one of the busy market streets.

Ahh... so pretty ;)

Alicia & Chris

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