Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 4

Top of the marning to ya.

Four days in and we're finally accustomed enough to the culture to take a walk through the Guinness Storehouse. To get to the entrance, you have to walk along this cobblestone alleyway that is absolutely beautiful. This was us at the entrance!

Immediately when you get inside, there is an orientation before you begin your self-guided tour. The glass structure that surrounds you is in the shape of a Guinness. We found out that Arthur Guinness signed a 9000 year lease for the brewery, paying 45 pounds per year. What a bargain ;)

Legend has it that the yeast used in Guinness is descended from the strain used by Arthur Guinness himself. Since the 19th century, some yeast from each brew has been transferred on to the next to ensure consistency. The yeast for Guinness is only grown in Dublin and they even have a reserve supply locked int he Director's safe in case of emergencies.

After learning the brewing process, we came to the taste testing section. You're supposed to listen, look, feel, smell, and finally TASTE. Only problem was, it didn't taste very good :/ Guinness is for the rough and tough and our style is more the meak and mild.

On the next floor, there was this adorable quote on the wall. Right by it, there was a huge message board where you can write anything you'd like. Favorite part of the day♥

Our little piece of the whole

After that, there was the advertisements floor chalked full of Guinness ads. These were our favorites:

And who was on the great wall of fame?! None other than..

The next floor was the GRAVITY BAR. You grab your free pint of Guinness and take a look at the 360 view of Dublin. We thought, When In Rome.

Here's the video we put together of the view!

After the Guinness Storehouse, we walked down to Trinity College and sat on the ancient college steps to people watch. We were starving by this point and picked up a sandwhich at the local Spar (deli/market) and we made a wrong choice. Red relish is all the rage here in Dublin and it does NOT go well with us.

Then, we went to the National Gallery. What I love about this city is that most everything is free! The galleries and museums are absolutely breathtaking. There were having an opening and a bunch of new artists had their work up.. graffiti art, stacks of books cut to resemble mountains, and our favorite.. the light wall. It was set up in a small nook of the gallery and there were benches right in front of it. We sat on a bench right in front of the artwork for a good 30 or 45 minutes just trying to decide what it could mean. We came up with bubbles, DNA, city, sperm, black, medium, and white people, and about 20 others that were stretching it a bit.

Last but not least, we witnessed an Irish Stag Party (aka bachelor party). Look for the groom in the pink helmet. He's in tuxedo footie pajamas!

Yesterday, we went to O'Sheas Market and the Brazen Head Pub. This evening, we went to Diceys and we're getting the Irish pub crawl vibe. We love this city :) To end our night, we played cards and ate Twix. It doesn't get much better than that!

Alicia & Chris

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