Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 14

Good morning Munich!! We wake up and try to have a little more chipper of an attitude.  After a full day of travelling the previous day anything sounded awesome. We are in Munich! We want to enjoy the city and have some fun. Since we left London, I am trying to be the little ray of sunshine in Chris’s big grey “I Miss America” thunderstorm… which was fine for me, until after the showers.

The showers, which are also in one huge enormous tent, did not have enough of a shower curtain to cover the entranceway of the shower. The wind coming through the tent was freezing, there was mud all over everything with no place to put your clothes or your towel. I tried to just suck it up and get it over with. So I get in the shower, and the water is ICE COLD and only stays on for about 30 seconds. This is a prison camp. I’m at the end of my rope – I get back to the bed where Chris is waiting and I can tell in his eyes we are thinking the same things, "let's get out of here".

We take a taxi back to the train station and are now headed to Amsterdam. What’s a good road trip without a few bumps along the way, right? From the train station, we make a reservation at the Mevlana Hostel in Amsterdam. The train there is not too shabby ( we, in our journey to munich learned to pre-book our ticket so we can have a seat) and things are starting to look up.

When we arrive, the city is breathtakingly beautiful. It's 10:30 at night but the city is still bustling with people. The canals everywhere, the old architecture, and the city lights, it was amazing! Our new hostel is right smack dab in the middle of the city. We walked straight to it and notice that it’s an Asian restaurant with rooms above it. haha,  as we check in I think we are both a little anxious to see what this place looks like. It has one of those New York City doors where you have to buzz in to the building and then there are just winding stairs going up and up and up to the different floors. Here’s a little tour of our new home…

We’re excited to see Amsterdam but its late and we're off to bed Much more tomorrow!. :) zzzzz.... 

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