Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday was all about... relaxation! We lounged. We swam. We ate. That about sums it up :) The most fun part was without a doubt the pool. There were three hot-tubs, one ginormous pool, and music blasting. We claimed the beach volleyball net, grabbed a beach ball, and started playing. Before we knew it, we had a group of about 15 people playing with us. There was Markesh and Suri from India, Wade and Tenelle from Minnesota, and so many others [: It was intense gaming until we noticed that our faces and shoulders were looking a little lobster-y. After we rehydrated, it was laundry time! Because who wants to backpack around with half a weeks worth of dirty gross clothes in Ireland? >_< We went to a 24 hour laundrymat and watched That 70's Show while we washed and dried. It wasn't SO bad, but we for sure realized that the strip doesn't smell nearly as bad as the outer city... PEE-YOO!

We have to be at the airport bright and early in the morning.. 5am to be exact!

Alicia & Chris

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