Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 8

Well, here I am again. I guess I did well enough on the last blog’s post so I have been approved again to write today's J

Day 3 in London, today was the day we were going to the Stonehenge, the thing Alicia and I were both really excited to see in England and to get a photo in front of the Stonehenge replicating our own windows screensaver. 

The bus to Stonehenge however didn’t leave until 12:45 and it was a 3 hour bus ride out there so after breakfast we decided to go see Buckingham palace. It was pretty cool J Its just so big and maybe Alicia and I weren’t on the right side of the palace but we both felt a little let down that we weren’t able to get close enough to the guards to make funny faces or try and make them laugh. We've been practicing practically since we got here. 

See, big.. but not crazy :) :

We did talk about though how crazy it is that England has a queen, she has no power really whatsoever, she is just a face who is given money to by the country. She has the best job ever, its not like she is stressed with hard decisions or really gets the blame for anything going wrong in the country.. Alicia has decided she would like to have tea with her and just talk things over. Haha J

From Buckingham palace we headed over to where we were supposed to meet for our bus to Stonehenge.  First things first though.. we saw our doppleganger for the day. Guess who? Haha


Ok, the bus to Stonehenge was a trip, it seemed like we rode for forever and never seemed to get there, we were out in the middle of nowhere and then all of a sudden the bus driver announced, we are 10 mins away. We pull up and there they are; rocks.  Big ones J As we all unloaded off of the bus our bus driver told us we had one hour to tour Stonehenge and then he would leave. To the dismay of the passengers, one lady said “But the brochure said 1 hr and 15 mins”..haha, Really? Tourists.. Anyways as we walked up to the Stonehenge I thought they were on the left in a big field where nothing seemed to be, but in fact those were just sheep that Alicia was crazy about.. haha

but as we got there we decided to sit down and eat our sandwiches and just enjoy looking at the Stonehenge and enjoy a little bit of people watching. 

There were some funny people, like one girl in our group from California was doing yoga poses with a toy dinosaur on her head while her friend took pictures of it..hahaha, weird. Anyways, we both really enjoyed the Stonehenge. It really is crazy to think about that in 3000 to 1000 BC people were able to bring these huge stones together up and over the hills in England and for them to mean something.

Our scottish night receptionist from the queen Elizabeth (you will hear more about him soon) informed us that supposedly there are about three other places with artifacts like the Stonehenge, one in like Ireland and the others in other places in Europe that all line up in a perfect line. To me, that is pretty amazing from people before facebook..haha. Stonehenge day was a really good day, the weather couldn’t have been better and we just had a fun day. Back at the queen Elizabeth deciding what tomorrow’s day will undertake.  J

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