Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do you Blue?

So much to say! Today was just too busy and too fun :]

We walked the strip all day long, and scavenged The Venetian where the Blue Man Group show is. Throughout the whole shopping center, the ceiling is painted like the sky and there is a canal running straight through it with gondola rides and little men and women dressed in black and white striped shirts and red sashes singing opera. The whole time we were thinking... "How crazy is it that we'll be IN Italy, seeing actual gondola rides with little singing Italians".

We saw a sign that said Snooki was hosting at Club Pure and The Situation would be at LAX. We thought, AWESOME... Jersey Shore in Vegas! When we looked up the club information, we noticed that it said "dress code enforced". After he showed me the nicest thing he had with him, we decided maybe that the club wasn't the right place for us ;) Everything we own is already wrinkly and we haven't even set foot on European soil yet.

After walking the entire day, it was time for Blue Man!! The streets here are insane because of labor day weekend. I mean.. 1 square foot of space per person no room. When we found our seats, we noticed a marquee with a message scrolling acrossed that said, "Please turn off all electronics including cell phones, pagers, gameboys, ipods, and portable fax machines". The show was so amazing :) This was one of the coolest parts..

Alicia & Chris

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