Friday, September 2, 2011

Kevun! Kevun!

Us at the Bellagio Garden!
Day #2 in Las Vegas! We're taking the mellow approach to touring the city, that's for sure. The only thing we've done a lot of is E.A.T. We're fattening ourselves for the famine, aka Europe, with $15 cheeseburgers and $6 waters.

So far, we have forgotten shavers, toothpaste, a memory card, and Q-tips. Thank goodness for our little rental Kia and a nearby Target and DOUBLE thank goodness that we remembered before Europe, where we are still unsure as to whether or not women shave there! Blech!!

The most fun we've had in Vegas is people-watching :) There was a huge group of Asians walking around in the NYNY Hotel and one guy got lost from the group. His instinctive reaction was to go to the nearest wall and start screaming, "KEVUN!! KEVUN!!! KEVUN!" just as we were walking by.

Alicia & Chris

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