Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 5

9:41am - We wake up and realize that church at St. Patricks Cathedral starts at 11!!

I hustle and bustle to get at least somewhat somewhat decent and Chris decides to just go as is. We do the speedwalk the entire way there, only to find out that mass was not happening today! Humph. They were at least kind enough to let us in to take a look around, free of charge!

By now, we have this city down pat. We know where to go and we finally get the rythm of Dublin :) With that said, wandering the city streets is the perfect way to spend our last day here. We walked over to Dublin Castle and sat on the bench, just taking in the morning (and the sunshine!) and watching the people walk by. We even decided to take a few goofy pictures too♥

Afterwards, we went across the street to the Chester Beatty Library. We also decided that Chester is a name only accepted in Europe ;) No offense to any Chesters!!

We grabbed some lunch and headed to what we found to be the very BEST place in Dublin. Hands down.

Grafton Street

Street performers, comedians, and the just plain strange. All amazing.

We also saw people representing the animal sanctuary :) I wanted so bad to adopt these guys. The three-legged cutie was my favorite!

On our way back to the hostel, we took a picture in front of the Liffey Canal that we cross each morning.


This is Chris's first video ;)

A few things we've learned... being the only girl in a hostel room with 6 other guys is DISGUSTING. We're playing a game... Boxers or Briefs? since Europeans are clearly more comfortable than us prude Americans.

Our taxi comes to pick us up from the hostel at 4:30am. We'll miss you Dublin♥

Alicia & Chris

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