Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 7

London Bridge is falling down… :) My first post! By me, Chris.

Day 2 in London and we are already in love with the city. We could honestly picture ourselves living here and it brings about a Chicago feeling, and everyone knows how much we loved Chicago…

First thing on today’s list was to go visit the British Museum. We had met some more of our 10 roommates from the Queen Elizabeth and one in particular named Alex (from Chile, lived in Greece) suggested that we had to go to the British museum. So as to not go back empty handed and not able to report that we had missed the British museum we thought we would head there first.

The tube station that we got off at must have been the wrong one because we were nowhere near the british museum but we were a lot closer to the London Tower and London Bridge. But before you go on…what would you imagine the London tower is? Something like a tower right? That is what Alicia and I assumed and apparently we are not too good on our London tourist information.

London tower is actually a huge castle overlooking the thames river  and is also along the same street as the London bridge.

The London bridge doesn’t even look like a real bridge. It looks like the kind of bridge you see on little model train setups or something. It really is such a cool bridge… haha. After crossing the London bridge without it falling down ;) we were headed to the Tate Modern museum. Again, at least for me, not too sure what the Tate Modern museum was, we headed there with much enthusiasm.

The Tate modern museum is actually more of a project that London created to feature their modern artists and for them to create something that would collaborate modern art today as a whole. It is seven floors of just modern art. They had everything you could imagine from sculptures to paint that looks like it has been flung across the canvas, heaping piles of sunflower seeds, and weird... I don't even know.. It gave me a new "appreciation" for modern art. Lol.

My favorite part of the museum however was the café on the 5th floor :)

We also got an awesome view of the Millenium bridge. For all of you harry potter fans, that is the same bridge that gets destroyed in the beginning of Harry Potter six. Walking across the bridge was a pretty cool experience, no deatheaters though..haha

Don't mind all the talking.. lol

After crossing the bridge we still figured we had to go see the british museum so we didn’t go back empty-handed. However, fate had different plans for us. After walking around for quite a while we decided to experience another staple of british culture, FISH AND CHIPS.  I don’t think Alicia was too big of a fan but I thought it was pretty good. :) No burger and fries but.. what can you do? :)

After finishing our fish and chips we decided to scrap the british museum for the day since it was so hard to get to and to head east towards abbey road and the Sherlock holmes museum.

Abbey road was way fun. Just being there and walking across the street of such an iconic photo was a blast. After you cross the street it’s a funny feeling, you feel like you just crossed any normal street but at the same time you also know some of the greatest artists have crossed that same street.


Here's our attempted video with Abbey Road :)

Not only is the street there but it is also the famous Abbey Road Studios. A lot of movie scores have been produced there, John Williams seems to be a big fan and also a lot of other bands have produced soundtracks from that same studio. Us pions weren’t allowed in but you were allowed to stand outside the gate, which seems cooler actually just because you can see where people have visited the wall over the years and signed messages to the beatles.

Some were creepy..haha, but other were just cool to see from not so long ago. 

Oh... and we found those red phonebooths too :)

Well I think that about raps up day 2 in london. We’re starting to figure out the city and get a feel for what London is all about.

Alicia & Chris

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  1. CUTE! You didn't tell me you crossed Abbey Road and I for one am just jealous. I love The Beatles so much that I probably would have cried. haha I love it!

    That's it. I'm joining you.