Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flight 2026


Me & Mom [:
Me getting ready to board flight 2026 from SLC to Vegas with my handy-dandy Frommers guidebook for Europe. First thing, a lovely man named Ken advises me not to carry that around in the open. Me & Chris sat the entire flight chit-chatting about his experiences. One of which pushed towards roughing Europe mostly via tent rather than using hostels... so we'll see!! I do love a hot shower though.

Right off the plane I was surprised with a CAR. That's right... Chris rented us a car for surprise #2 which happened to be just around 30 minutes outside of the city. Any guesses?! It was Buffalo Bills! This is the worlds longest, wildest, roughest, tallest, most craziest roller coaster in all the world - with a 225ft drop with speeds up to 90mph. What we didn't expect was a wait. The ride didn't open until 12:15pm (more like 1pm thanks to the helpful and proactive team of Buffalo Bills Casino & Resort). We ended up watching According to Jim with subtitles and I took a nice little nap school-style with my face smack down on the food court table. However, it was all well worth the wait. We were first in line for tickets, in the very front of the coaster, and we both screamed like little girls the entire time.

Vegas is definitely SIN city.. all the little latinos and latinas snapping and throwing cards in your face and drunken crazy people all over the streets.. in one of the few cities where pedestrians DO NOT have the right-of-way. We're staying in the amazing New York New York. It's my favorite [: Right out of the hotel window is the rollercoaster - so far, if I want a good laugh, that's done the trick. By far, the best part of the night was watching a few Scottish men singing Karaoke to the song that goes ".... and I would walk five-hundred miles and I would walk five-hundred more". They rolled all their Rrrrr's and they said YOU like YEW.

Alicia & Chris

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